Bus Transportation

The history of South Okanagan Charter starts with the owner,Rick Cebriy (Ricky), back in 1986. Ricky was a frequent passenger in entertainer buses in his early 20’s as he traveled in them often as a musician for a band called The Sparrows. Since he was traveling on The Sparrows bus so much, he managed to develop a friendship with the band’s bus driver. On one particular day of travel, Ricky had the urge of wanting to take the band’s bus for spin. Before this could happen, he would have to persuade the band’s driver to allow Ricky to get behind the wheel. After some wheeling and dealing, Ricky and the band’s bus driver waged a bet. The bet was, if Ricky could eat 10 Snickers bar in less than an hour, then he would grant Ricky permission to take the bus for a short spin. Unfortunately, Ricky was only able to put down 9 Snickers bars and suffered a minor sugar coma afterwards. After he recovered, the driver was so amazed that Ricky was able to put 9 candy bars down in less than an hour, so he granted him permission to drive the band’s bus anyway. This single occurring event was the prelude of South Okanagan Charter. From this moment on, you can say the rest was history. You can actually say that this company was started, because of a Snicker’s bar.

1987 – 1992 Ricky’s fascination with buses grew and in 1987 he went and got his chauffeur license and began driving band buses for a living. For the next 5 years (87 – 92), Ricky worked for several famous musicians as a bus driver as he drove them on tours across Canada. Over the years, Ricky saved his money and eventually earned enough money to purchase his first Charter Tour Bus and established South Okanagan Charter

1991: 1st Bus Purchased – S O C is Established.

S O C First Brand New Bus in 1998

South Okanagan Charter was officially established in 1993 as a charter bus company. For the first decade since our inception, S O C primarily transported large groups of people around B.C. and the Alberta in our large 56 passenger charter buses. S O C transported all kinds of large groups such as high school and college sports teams, student field trips, church groups, corporate shuttle events, and pretty much anyone needing a large 56 passenger bus.

10 years later in 2003, we decided to add the transportation of sport teams to our business. This allowed us to jump into the hockey scene and today we provide motor coach transportation to numerous hockey teams. 

With the high demand for luxury transportation charters in the wine tour industry S O C decided to look into the small bus market. After a little research, we found the perfect vehicle to meet a segment of our customer’s needs; a Mercedes Sprinter Van . The Mercedes Sprinter is as big as many mini buses, but NOT as boxy and more fuel efficient.

Present Day: South Okanagan Charter is a diverse transportation company

South Okanagan Charter a division of R.P. Cebriy Ltd. was found with the specific need to offer our clients the most knowledgeable, up to day chartering experience anywhere. Our goal is to set our self apart from our competitors. The South Okanagan Charter team is comprised of professional individual who are ready to answer your most challenging charter request/questions with a wide base knowledge of the charting industry. We know you are just as concerned about your pocketbook, as you are about the comfort and convenience of the service provided to you. Whether you are leaving from your office or home, going to the airport or for night out on town, we will offer you the safest, most reliable transportation every time!

Join the South Okanagan Charter family and deliver world-class bus​iness bus transportation.  

We’re currently looking for experienced drivers with a passion for transportation. We take pride in our customer service and only hire the best. Here are a few qualities we’re looking for: 

  • 5+ years experience
  • No driving offenses
  • Technologically advanced
  • Knowledge of local attractions and restaurants
  • Pre-employment and random drug screen

Pre-employment and random drug screen

Please contact our office if you have questions about the hiring process. We will perform a background check for past driving offenses. 

Our charter bus service - mini bus and bus transportation in B.C. where established with a dream to become the best transportation option Provence-wide. We offer airport transportation and transportation in B.C.

We set out to achieve this by offering our clientele the most comfortable, reliable and safe rides around town.  

You can expect clean and need buses with professional and friendly drivers.